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Quality Never Goes Out of Style
Some things are timeless. Like the way a womanís heart leaps when she gets a beautiful necklace from the one she loves. Or the joy a couple feels when they find the perfect wedding bands. Or the smile on a girlís face when she receives her first pair of earrings.

At Dellingerís Jewel Shop, we understand that youíre looking for more than jewelry; you expect excellence and an experience youíll always remember. Thatís why people from across the Carolinas depend on us. Weíve been serving customers like you for well over a century with top-quality merchandise and superior personal attention.

  We guarantee every item we sell. Our commitment to quality has been the hallmark of our business for four generations. We’re not about to compromise that.  

At Dellingerís Jewel Shop, youíll always receive:
  • First-rate Merchandise
  • Fair Prices
  • Friendly Service
You can rely on our knowledge to help you select the perfect item for every occasion.
Your satisfaction is our top priority.